Oklahoma City, OK

About Us

C.O.P.S. Gun Shop was started in September, 2009 with operations beginning in May, 2010. We are in the State of Oklahoma. In partnership with C.O.P.S. Products, a full service police supply store in Oklahoma City, C.O.P.S. Gun Shop and C.O.P.S. Products is Oklahoma’s only “One Stop Cop Shop”.

We are an authorized Smith & Wesson Law Enforcement Dealer and Sig Sauer LE Dealer and can provide the entire line of Smith & Wesson M&P Series of pistols, rifles, and some revolvers. We also carry other lines of handguns and rifles as well. We are also partnered with Windham Weaponry for LE rifles and carry most calibers of pistol/rifle ammo when available.

One of the options we offer to Police Departments and Sheriff Offices is trading in property room guns for credit that can be used for purchase of new rifles or ammo for the department. We can also use that credit to purchase equipment through COPS Products. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. Contact us for more information.

We feel that it shouldn’t cost an “arm and a leg” to buy a decent firearm for protection of one’s person and property, or hunting, or recreational purposes. We promise you’ll get the best deal on a firearm whether it be used or new. We also promise that we will be honest about the firearms we sell, and if we can’t beat or meet a price of a firearm found in another store, we will tell you. 

We want your business but we value your friendship and trust as well. Honesty and Integrity are our core values. If we cannot beat or meet a price on a firearm you might find in another store, we will tell you to go buy it from the other store. It’s that simple.

ABOUT THE OWNERS: Austin is a Retired Police Officer with over 24 years of Law Enforcement. He has two degrees from Oklahoma City University with expertise in Investigations and Patrol. Cristy is a Registered Nurse and a Licensed Private Investigator. She is actually the Bitch in Charge, and that’s all you really need to know. Seriously, her background is in Neo-Natal Intensive Care and is currently employed as an investigator at a law firm in Oklahoma City. She also has her own Private Investigations Agency, Warfield Investigations.