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Air Armor Tech Extreme 16 Scope Cover – Multicam



Air Armor Tech Extreme 16 Scope Cover – Multicam

The power of AIR!

Capture air, add a little pressure, and you create a remarkably resilient, energy-absorbing surface. Built into a case, inflation will protect your firearm or scope as well as any hard case.

But, that’s where the similarities end. Arrive at your destination and a protective hard case becomes a space-wasting nuisance, while an Air Armor Tech inflatable case deflates to just 15% of its inflated size. And, because it’s made of fabric instead of plastic or aluminum, you can roll it up for easy stashing.

Because air is lightweight, so is an Air Armor Tech case. Our gun cases are so lightweight that we built backpack straps in them for hands-free transportation.

Think airbag

If you aren’t so sure of the ability of air-filled fabric to protect your treasured gun or crucial scope, consider the airbag in your vehicle. Like our cases, the airbag creates an energy-absorbing surface designed to protect something of significant importance (your life!) from blunt-force impact with a steering wheel or dashboard. Similar to Air Armor Tech cases, an airbag is made of premium, high-performance fabrics designed to use air for maximum protection. Need we say more?

The intelligence of deflation

The Air Armor Tech case contains a premium, high-performance air bladder that was specifically designed to encase your firearm or scope in protective air. Made of a highly durable material, the air bladder inflates (and deflates) quickly and easily with a hide-away inflation port. This means that when not in use, you simply deflate your case, roll it up and stash it away.

How a half-million-dollar fighter pilot helmet led to the world’s first inflatable cases

Blaine “Rock” Tompkins is a fighter pilot with 3,000 flight hours, 20 years of service and multiple combat deployments with both the US Navy and US Air Force in the F/A-18 Hornet and F-16 Viper. Asked in 2009 to work on the newest fighter aircraft, the F-35 Lightning II, which incorporates advanced avionics, sensors and weapon systems into a pilot helmet, he immediately recognized a looming problem that would need to be solved…

While the $500,000 helmet performed well, the increased sensitivity, value and requirement to fly the jet could not be adequately protected by the standard issue quilt lined bag that did little more than provide a means of carrying the helmet. Hard case options are simply too heavy, bulky and do not fit into the cockpit. Perhaps being both protective and collapsible was seen as an impossible option, but it got “Rock” to thinking – Why couldn’t one devise a case that offered the needed protection but took up less space? So, he did… with AIR!

Scope Covers

Protecting your weapon is one thing. Protecting your weapon’s scope is another. It’s the scope’s precious “zero” that is absolutely crucial. That’s what the Air Armor Tech™ inflatable scope cover is all about. It protects the optic even when your weapon is out of the case! It’s vital insurance against a devastating drop or bump.

Air Armor Tech scope covers protect with air so they’re remarkably lightweight. And, they’re easy to take afield to protect your scope while riding, climbing, or walking to where you’ll hunt. In fact, the integrated handle gives you yet another convenient means to transport your rifle when it’s not slung. Essentially, the Air Armor Tech scope cover becomes an interim gun case.

When it’s time to hunt, simply lift the case flaps and tighten the cord to look through the scope. Alternatively, you may remove and deflate the cover. Once deflated, the cover fits easily into a backpack, fanny pack or even a large pocket.

You’ll also find that the Air Armor Tech scope cover provides a makeshift gun rest or shooting platform. And, when fully inflated, it serves as a life jacket for your rifle, since it can float up to 21 pounds of equipment.

Well-known adventure hunter, Jim Shockey, famously posted on Instagram an image of his Air Armor Tech scope-cover-protected rifle along with this statement: “No-guff gear tip of the year!!!! Order one of these inflatable protective gun thingees. I take mine everywhere and I’m not getting paid to say this!!No-guff gear tip of the year!!!! Order one of these inflatable protective gun thingees. I take mine everywhere and I’m not getting paid to say this!!

And, Air Armor Tech scope covers are used by law enforcement and military personnel as well as hunters, because the zero on their scope may even save lives.

Air Armor Tech Extreme 16 Scope Cover – Multicam