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Why do so many people love the AR-15?

The AR-15 is one of the most popular and legendary guns ever invented, and has become known as “America’s Rifle.” The Armalite Rifle model 15, or AR-15, was first developed in 1956 and the trademark was sold to Colt in 1959. Colt first introduced the semi-automatic civilian version in 1963. The AR-15 platform is now the most popular sporting rifle in the U.S., accounting for an estimated 61% of all U.S. civilian rifle sales in 2016.

One reason that the AR-15 is so loved is due to it’s historical importance. Originally developed in 1956, the first AR-15 weapons were sold by Colt to the Federation of Malaya (modern day Malaysia). The design was first issued by the U.S. military in 1965 for use in the Vietnam war and assigned the M-16 designation. The AR-15 platform and its subsequent variants have been used by the U.S. military since, with the currently used variant being the M4.

Another reason for the popularity of the AR-15 platform is its modularity. One can truly customize the platform for any needed purpose. It is easy to clean and replace parts. It is designed with a swappable upper receiver, which allows for easy changing of the rifle’s caliber. If you are a hunter, you can swap the caliber and barrel to what is needed for your specific quarry. If you are a precision shooter, you can replace the trigger, barrel, and optics (AR-15 scope reviews).

The AR-15 platform is labeled by the National Shooting Sports Foundation as the “modern sporting rifle.” It is the patrol rifle of choice for many police departments. The modern AR-15 is safe and reliable, and easy to fix and maintain. It truly is the most versatile weapon platform available today. This is why so many people love the AR-15 platform.