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ADCO Super Thumb Speed Loader for a Majority of Center Fire Pistol Mags


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When it comes to high cap magazines there are a few that are extra wide, most notably Para’s and Glock’s. For these situations you need something wider than ST1 provides so we came up with ST2 which covers a lot of them as seen on our chart. 

ST2                     25.4mm x 37.5mm  • 1” x 1-1/2”

Most Wide Body Double-Stack Magazines

Astra – A100

Beretta – Cougar 8045, 9000

Caspian – Hi Cap

Glock – 9mm & 40

HK – USP45 & Compact

Kimber – Hi Cap

Para Ord. – 45’s

Rem. RP9

Ruger – SR45

Sig – Pro

S&W – M&P 45

Springfield XDMS .45

STI – Hi Cap

SVI – Hi Cap

Taurus – PT145