Hudson H9 9mm


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Engineered to Advance

Elegant simplicity and cutting-edge design unite in a stunning example of modern weaponry. With a distinct focus on the needs of the shooter the all new Hudson H9 is not simply a new contender in the firearms industry, with multiple patents granted and pending, it is a pistol that is engineered to advance.


Motivated By the Past

Mankind’s collective experience as soldiers, as frontiersmen and as firearms enthusiasts have contributed to where we stand today. Taking cues from its legendary predecessors the Hudson H9 does not stray from its roots. From its steel frame, to its straight-pull trigger, to its striker-fired design the H9 will feel instantly familiar to firearms enthusiasts.


Inspired By the Future

We live in a rapidly evolving world, yet pistols have remained relatively unchanged for the better half of a century. At Hudson we see opportunity in the future, an opportunity to rethink and improve upon the process of building a pistol. Every detail and every feature of the Hudson H9 is purposeful leading to a pistol that is practical in its delivery yet advanced by its design.


1911 Style Trigger

The trigger can make or break a pistol so why not have the best? The well-tuned 1911 style trigger found on the Hudson H9 offers a short take up, a crisp release, virtually no overtravel and a tactile but short reset. The patent pending integral trigger safety is engaged instinctively and doesn’t take away from the smooth straight pull trigger that allows the shooter steadier and more consistent follow-up shots.


Striker-Fired Design

Patent pending striker and sear design is optimized for less wear and tear of parts. The lack of a hammer spring also allows a more slimline and higher grip on the pistol giving the shooter more control while diminishing felt recoil.


Low Bore Axis

The H9’s unique design is not simply aesthetic. The unconventional nose of the pistol allows for the barrel and recoil spring to sit drastically lower and closer to the hand than heritage designs. This, coupled with its striker-fired design, creates an extremely low bore axis which reduces torque about the wrist when firing and contributes to unparalleled precision in the shot process.


Unrivaled Modularity

From purists to mavericks and everyone in-between the Hudson H9 has been designed to accommodate any shooter, allowing them to tailor the shooting experience to their own unique style.


Configurable Safeties

The H9 comes standard with a trigger safety, but for 1911 purists or for those who just want an added measure of assurance we offer patent pending thumb safeties that can be equipped for left, right or ambidextrous shooters.


Interchangeable Grips

For some it’s about function and for others it’s about style. Either way, the Hudson H9 makes it easy to change the look and feel of the pistol quickly and easily with interchangeable grip panels.


Ambidextrous Operation

The H9 features ambidextrous slide releases and a reversible magazine release.


Accessory Rail

With the accessory rail equip the H9 with aftermarket lights or lasers to better suit your needs making the pistol versatile in any situation.






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Trigger Pull Weight

4.5-5 lbs

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