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Staccato C2 9mm Optic Ready


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Staccato C2 9mm

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With double the capacity of the C, the Staccato C2 has quickly redefined what’s possible with a compact carry gun. From the retired special forces veteran shooting consistent 100-yard shots in sub 4 seconds to the everyday range shooter hitting 25-yard-targets with ease, the C2 provides accuracy never experienced in a compact carry gun. As durable and reliable as the Staccato P, the C2 has become popular among law enforcement.  And because it helps you shoot better, it is an excellent choice for both everyday carry and home defense.

Dawson® Precision Fiber Optic

See clearly with the Staccato C2 built-in fiber optic Dawson Precision Perfect Impact® sight. Built for precision and endurance that will liven up your vision of accuracy.

American Ingenuity

We only use American Steel, materials, and parts. Combined with FlaTec™, precision manufacturing, and Master Gunsmith expertise, we produce the unmatched performance of our 2011® platform.

Upgraded Accuracy

Our handguns literally improve qualification scores of elite law enforcement teams. They will tighten your groupings too.

Undeniable Speed

With less disruptive energy, you can engage multiple targets quickly.

Push Your Boundaries

Consistent hundred-yard shots from the draw? Faster splits? Try it with a Staccato.





3.9 Inch Bull Barrel


Fiber Optic Front, Dawson Precision® Charger Rear


Carry Dawson Precision® Optic System “Pat. Pend.” Rear


4lbs With Ambi Safety Levers


Length: 7.5 Grip Width: 1.3
Height: 5.5 Width At Safeties: 1.5 Weight:
25oz Empty – No Mag

Staccato C2 9mm Optic Ready