C.O.P.S . GunShop


C.O.P.S. Gun Shop is a full law enforcement dealer for Smith & Wesson and Steyr Arms, and the only provider of Sig Sauer law enforcement firearms in the state. What this means is that certified Peace Officers/Retired Peace Officers, Firefighters, Armed Security Officers, Emergency Medical Technicians, Military/Retired Military, and students/cadets enrolled in a certified police training academy get a great discount on S&W  and Sig Sauer pistols and rifles. 

We also specialize in Departmental sales of Windham Weaponry patrol rifles and offer the “buy back” program to the officers/deputies if agencies choose to trade in current rifles for an upgrade. Email austin@copsgunshop.net for further information, questions, or departmental quotes.

Another unique opportunity for Police Departments, Sheriff’s Offices, or other Law Enforcement Agencies is the Property Room Program. We know that times are tough all over, and Police Agencies are no exception. Cities and counties are broke, and it seems the Police Agencies get the “axe” during budget cuts.

We also know that there are tons of firearms just sitting in property rooms getting rusty, which is the worst thing that can happen to a firearm. If there were a property room auction for the firearms, chances are the Police Agency would not get any benefit from the money garnered by the auction, as the money would go straight to the “general fund” of the city or county. C.O.P.S. Gun Shop will come to the property room and give your agency a credit for each firearm in your property room, not just a “general” estimate. If/when an agreement is reached between the Agency and C.O.P.S. Gun Shop, the extended credit could be used towards the purchase of departmental rifles, ammo, uniforms, body armor, or other equipment. It’s a win-win situation for all parties involved.