C.O.P.S . GunShop


Home Defense

Defending Your Family from Home Invasion

Austin and Will discuss the value and affordability of having a firearm at home and the ways to keep it safe and ready for use.

Welcome to C.O.P.S. GunShop

Meet Austin, the owner of C.O.P.S. GunShop

Hundreds of gun owners choose to make C.O.P.S. GunShop their number-one source for all things guns because of Austin’s friendly, hands-on approach to helping customers.

A Passion for Guns

Meet the Pirate Hunter

We’re introduced to Will Dance (aka the Pirate Hunter) and listen as Austin explains why he is so passionate about guns and C.O.P.S. GunShop.

We're not Dicks!

A light-hearted response to some retailer's self-imposed gun restrictions.

Here in a light moment we get to see Austin and Will joke about some retailers and their choice to restrict the sale of certain weapons.