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Air Armor Tech Tactical 12 Scope Cover – Black Kryptek Camo


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The power of AIR!


Capture air, add a little pressure, and you create a remarkably resilient, energy-absorbing surface. Built into a case, inflation will protect your firearm or scope as well as any hard case.

But, that’s where the similarities end. Arrive at your destination and a protective hard case becomes a space-wasting nuisance, while an Air Armor Tech™ inflatable case deflates to just 15% of its inflated size. And, because it’s made of fabric instead of plastic or aluminum, you can roll it up for easy stashing.

Because air is lightweight, so is an Air Armor Tech case. Our gun cases are so lightweight that we built backpack straps in them for hands-free transportation.



If you aren’t so sure of the ability of air-filled fabric to protect your treasured gun or crucial scope, consider the airbag in your vehicle. Like our cases, the airbag creates an energy-absorbing surface designed to protect something of significant importance (your life!) from blunt-force impact with a steering wheel or dashboard. Similar to Air Armor Tech cases, an airbag is made of premium, high-performance fabrics designed to use air for maximum protection. Need we say more?


The intelligence of deflation

The Air Armor Tech case contains a premium, high-performance air bladder that was specifically designed to encase your firearm or scope in protective air. Made of a highly durable material, the air bladder inflates (and deflates) quickly and easily with a hide-away inflation port. This means that when not in use, you simply deflate your case, roll it up and stash it away.


The Air Armor Tech™ Tactical 12 inflatable scope cover is designed to protect an optic’s “zero,” structural integrity, and cosmetic features against significant blunt-force impact, as well as provide flotation for up to 21 pounds of weapon system. With an average of over 2 1/2 inches of inflated air bladder surrounding the entire scope, the Tactical 12 is designed for 12-inch class optics mounted to a rifle system operating in extreme field environments.

Due to the slightly taller profile of most AR-style platforms and mounted optics, compared with traditional sporting rifles, the Tactical 12 extends farther down the side of the weapon, providing protection from the top of the optic to a position aligned with the bottom of the lower receiver and hand guard. Carrying your weapon in the field is also improved via the integrated carry handle located on top of the scope cover when not slung.

Made with mil-spec and Berry-compliant materials, this Made in the USA, patent-pending, Air Armor Tech manufactured product comprises of the following components:

  • Outer material – 1,000 denier, urethane coated
  • Inner material – 500 denier, urethane coated
  • Bladder material – mil-spec 200 denier, urethane coated
  • Inflation system – Air Armor Tech, patent-pending, 3-Pipe Inflation System

Included in the purchase of this product are the following:

  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Inflation bulb
  • Tear-Aid® repair patches