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Brothers & Arms True Blue Gun Lube, 2 oz.


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At the end of last year, we struck a deal to work with Dumonde Tech to develop a specially formulated lubricant for firearms.  Dumonde Tech didn’t bat an eyelash and stepped up to the challenge.  Known in the Motorsports industry for their line of lubricants, their many World Championships gave them the confidence they needed to meet our demands.  After months of testing and evaluation, Brothers & Arms® USA True Blue™ Gun Lubricant was born.

Our Micro Resistant Complex Compounds (MRCC) continues development after 10 years. Originally developed for our motorsports oils, MRCC technology creates a lighter viscosity while maintaining high protection, reducing friction and increase in adhesion creating much higher film strength then common, traditional technology and claims. Dumonde Tech oils migrate for complete wetting of the surfaces. Our formulation is a “liquid plastic” through polymerization forms a long-lasting plating on all surfaces. Does not build up. Does not become sticky or gooey.

Not having experience in the gun industry, we had controlled testing performed by seasoned shooters using formulations that we had available. The feed back was not surprising, and very encouraging.

Working closely with Brothers & Arms® USA, we developed a firearms specific oil and grease to test. Being transparent, TRUE BLUE has some similarities to our Pro X bicycle lubes, but with specific additive for the shear and heat firearms produce. All the feed back was right on target with our past experience. The products were the best they had ever used. Brothers & Arms® USA TRUE BLUE™ Gun Lubricants by Dumonde Tech was ready to be introduced to the gun and firearms market.