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Brothers & Arms True Blue Heater Grease


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Brothers & Arms® USA TRUE BLUE Heater Grease is perfect for any firearms tolerances, tight or loose. Our MRCC technology, several Aerospace compounds and its Polymerization, provides smooth high performing action. TRUE BLUE Heater Grease stays viscous and will not degrade to a sticky substance.

  • Heater Grease using Aerospace technology. Extremely low co-efficient of friction. Slick. Slippery. Smooth.
  • Heater Grease is 10 times slipperier then Teflon (PTFE) which is old school technology.
  • Heater Grease stays in place to maintain very high film strength to keeps mechanisms from touching. Lack of lubrication causes drag and wear.
  • Heater Grease has high corrosion protection to all metal surfaces for short or long term storage.
  • Heater Grease performs in temperature range from high heat to extreme cold. Pour Point is -30ºF / -34ºC degrees.
  • Water proof. Protects against salt water exposure directly or atmosphere.


Other applications: Reloading presses, fishing reels & where a lite weight grease is needed.

NO BS! Tried and Proven. It is not cheap or inexpensive for a reason!!

Available sizes: 1 oz and 4 oz tubs. Buy on-line here. Brick and mortar dealers here.

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