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CAA Countdown Mag, AR-15 30 Rd


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The innovative and exclusive 30-round Countdown AR Magazine, provides a visual indicator showing the exact number of remaining rounds left in the mag. The visual indicator has a colored background for easier and quicker round determinations. According to the left rounds in the countdown high capacity magazine, numbers appear on three different backgrounds: 30-21 rounds show a green background, 20-11 rounds show a yellow background, 10-0 rounds show a red background. You can view the indicator without losing the sight picture. The second window on the bottom of the ar magazine allows you to instantly select a loaded magazine from your pouch. Always know, in a glance, exactly how many rounds left. 

→ High impact polymer 30-round magazine
→ Interior of magazine fits to the shape of the round preventing jams and misfeeds with an anti-tilt follower
→ Corrosion resistant steel spring
→ Color coded visual indicator on back of magazine showing number of remaining rounds
→ Counting system does not interfere with disassembly or reduce capacity
→ Designed for noise reduction
→ Also known as a CDMAD Countdown 223 magazine or 5.56 magazine