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Colt 1911 TALO O1911C-USA


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Colt 1911 TALO O1911C-USA

The basic gun is the essential 1911, a full size Colt Government, series 70 .45ACP with a National Match barrel. The slide flats are polished to royal blue and a unique retro style roll mark is appied. Colt factory issued a special serial number sequence beginning USA2020-001.

The gun is then sent to Pete Single , Precision Metalsmithing https://petesingle.com

Pete has been an unherladed force behind many to the top 1911 shooters and gunsmiths in the country for more than 25 years.  Pete’s additional features include the precision 25 lines per inch checkering on the contours of the frontstrap of the pistol. His checkering is felt immediately and is remarkable when viewed up close. The frontstap is blended into what Colt calls a “High Enhanced” trigger guard cut.  Colt’s Custom shop charges $345 for those frontstrap features alone.  Pete then does a complete mag well bevel.

Another fancy custom feature is the top of the slide bevel at 30 lines per inch to a arrowhead shape towards the front sight. The ejection port is relieved and champered. Each barrel then features a precision recessed muzzle crown. A final touch is the slide stop bevel.

Taken all together this pistol contains more of Pete’s precision metalwork than any other factory available pistol. Normally this kind of detail is only available on custom guns starting at three times the price of our Colt. It is the work of a genuine master of his art. We are grateful for Pete’s contributions and Colt’s help to make this pistol possible. Consumers for a limited time can access exceptional custom metalsmithing at very reasonal  price and support USA Shooting in the process.

It is hard to improve the Colt 1911 Classic .45. The Classic is a full size carbon blue government model featuring the Series 70 firing system, national match barrel, staked on front sights, and spurred hammer. Chambered in .45 ACP  this firearm is a pure and simple 1911.

Our changes are subtle and highly custom.  The slide flats are polished to royal blue. The custom roll-mark is simple and to the pointThe front strap is precision checked to 25 lines per inch. The mag well is fully beveled. The barrel features a precision recessed muzzle crown.

The top of the slide is custom serrated 30 lines per inch in an arrowhead pattern. The slide stop top edge is beveled. Custom enhancements like there are very expensive in the aftermarket.    Master Metalsmith, Pete Single designed and executed these custom features as his contribution to the project.                          https://petesingle.com

The USA 1911 is finished with unique and classic Colt wood grips. The edition will be limited due to current production restrictions. The final number has not been determined.

The USA Classic 1911 features a unique serial number prefix “USA”.  The goal of our partnership with Colt and Pete is to raise money for the USA Shooting Team. The delay of the Olympic games this year makes the need to finance our USA team shooters even more important. Our team must raise funds privately to compete against countries whose shooters are completely publicly sponsored.  It is our belief that when a USA team member mounts the Olympic podium it shines a very favorable light on our entire shooting sports community. A portion of the proceeds of this edition will be donated to USA Shooting.

Colt 1911 TALO O1911C-USA