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MantisX Shooting Performance System


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MantisX Shooting Performance System

MantisX is a data-driven approach to mastery.  While attached to a pistol or rifle, it analyzes every shot and generates actionable data you can use to improve.  (No rail?  We have adapters).

How does MANTISX work?

Attach the Device

Connect MantisX to the accessory rail, just like other accessories.


Install the smartphone application, turn on MantisX, and pair the device with a phone via Bluetooth. Available for both Android and iOS.


Evaluate shooting performance, identify areas of improvement, and track progress over time.

Who uses MANTISX?


With MantisX, practice anytime and anywhere. Analyze each shot you make, keep tabs on your performance overtime, and hone your shooting mechanics by following our data-driven suggestions.


As an instructor, manage your students more efficiently with MantisX, spending more time on actually coaching rather than watching people shoot. MantisX also provides hard data for students to see.


Agencies help their cadets and employees gain and maintain excellent marksmanship skills necessary for military and law enforcement service. MantisX also assists in training for qualification exams.

What exactly does MANTISX do?

Analyzes every Shot

MantisX detects each shot you make, analyzes the movement of the firearm during the trigger pull, and assigns a score to each shot that signifies deviation from the aiming position.

Promotes Improvement

Based on the movement patterns of the firearm, MantisX identifies areas of improvement and provides coaching that will improve your mechanics, your score, and your precision.

Tracks Performance

MantisX keeps track of all your shooting sessions and generates useful reports that will help you identify your shooting trends, gauge your progress, and set adequate improvement goals.


MantisX Shooting Performance System includes:

  • MantisX smart sensor. No accessory rail?  We have adapters.
  • MantisX app, for use on your iOS and Android smartphone/tablet that supports Bluetooth 4.0 (free download)
  • micro-USB charging cable
  • 1-year limited warranty

MantisX Shooting Performance System