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Nighthawk Custom 1911 GRP Government 9mm Double Stack


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Nighthawk Custom 1911 GRP Government 9mm Double Stack

The GRP may be our entry level pistol, but just like every Nighthawk Custom pistol, each part is hand fit by a single gunsmith. The GRP utilizes coarse cocking serrations on the front and rear of the slide. It includes Heinie Ledge Straight Eight tritium rear sight paired with a tritium front sight. The GRP uses all the fully machined parts and craftsmanship that go into our entire Nighthawk Custom lineup. This model, along with all others, follows the “One Gun, One Gunsmith” philosophy which means the gun is built by a single gunsmith. We have no assembly line. We have a group of master gunsmiths that start with a box of intentionally oversized parts and build them into the world’s finest 1911.

Nighthawk Custom also offers a high-capacity double stack frame as an option. All Double Stack pistols are chambered exclusively in 9mm. We currently have three Nighthawk Custom models that come standard as a double stack, or you can upgrade a standard single stack framed model to a double stack frame. This option is available on a 6” Chairman model, as well as every other 5” or 4.25” length barrel model, besides the Agent 2 and Thunder Ranch model. If you love the 1911 platform but want high capacity- this is the way to go. Whether it’s a GRP, Trooper, Vice President, or Fire Hawk- it can be upgraded to a double stack frame. We are excited to offer a double stack 1911 worthy of putting the Nighthawk Custom name on. Regardless of model or grip texture, this upgrade will be priced at $650.

New for 2023, we have just released an all-new aggressive grip texture for Nighthawk Custom double stack pistols. This aggressive grip is designed to offer a rock-solid grip on the pistol in all environments and situations. Just like the standard grip texture, the new aggressive grip is fully machined from a billet of aluminum. It is then anodized which will give you a lifetime of performance and durability. You can be certain your grip will be secure with our new aggressive grip treatment.


Double Stack Upgrade, High Capacity Frame

17+1 Capacity, 2 Magazines

Fully Machined Steel Frame

Aircraft Grade Solid Billet Aluminum Grip

.140” dia. Flat-Mill Texturing

Texture and Profile Matched MSH for 360 deg. Texturing

Integrated Magwell, accepts most aftermarket Base Pads

Square, High-Cut Trigger Guard

Bottom Front Strap Scalloped for Grip Retention

Recon Rail for Accessories

Single Piece Grip for smaller circumference

Battle-Worn Bronze Custom Finish

Black Out Option, Blacken Trigger, Barrel, Plug, & Bushing


Nighthawk Custom 1911 GRP Government 9mm Double Stack