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Sig Sauer P320-M17 Military Issue 9mm SIGP320M17


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Sig Sauer P320-M17 Military Issue 9mm SIGP320M17 


If you were in charge of the Armory at any of our Nation’s military bases, and you received an order of Sig Sauer M17 pistols, this is the exact pistol you would receive and check into the armory and later issue to troops.  This is NOT the civilian version of the Sig M17 or the Commemorative model from a couple of years ago, but the real thing, BNIB.  This is obviously a limited run of availability, so don’t miss out.  Comes in a nondescript cardboard box with one 17 round mag and two 21 round mags.

One of the main differences between this pistol and the civilian version is the optic cut.  This model will accept the Leupold Delta Point Pro as well as the as yet unreleased Sig Sauer Romeo17.   Removing the slide, you will notice the optic can’t be attached until the back plate and firing pin are removed from the slide, which is different from the civilian version of the M17.