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SilencerCo Osprey Micro


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The modular Osprey Micro™ is full auto rated and is the shortest, quietest, and easiest to clean .22 caliber silencer in existence. It can be reduced from 4.6” to 3.1” in length easily with provided tools and has a flat sight plane for easy target acquisition. Durable enough to be used with a variety of rimfire calibers and ammunition, the Osprey Micro remains easy to clean after hundreds of rounds fired. In its longest configuration, the Osprey Micro is the most quiet rimfire silencer on the market, and in its shortest configuration is no longer than a standard full size pistol. Finally, you don’t have to sacrifice feature sets in choosing a rimfire silencer – the Osprey Micro offers the best of all worlds.



.22 LR
.17 HMR
.17 WSM
.22 MAG
.22 WMR



Muzzle Average
4.6″ Configuration

.22 LR: 112.4 dB
.22 MAG: 127 dB
.17 HMR: 128.6 dB

Muzzle Average
3.1″ Configuration

.22 LR: 127.6 dB
.22 MAG: 132.9 dB
.17 HMR: 138.3 dB


6.1 OZ & 4.3 OZ


4.6″ & 3.1″


1.00″ X 1.36″


Stainless Steel



Comes in long configuration, and can be shortened. Full auto rated for .22 LR only